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Brittney and Bryan's Christmas Wedding at Dreams Country Wedding and Events in Monroe, NC

We ended our 2021 season by photographing the wedding of Brittney and Bryan Burt at the Dixie Dreams Country Wedding & Events Venue in Monroe, North Carolina. The venue is located on Santa Claus Road in Monroe which is appropriate because it was decked out in Christmas finery: thousands of sparkling lights outdoors and Christmas decorations indoors.

We got to know Brittney and Bryan after they contacted us for their engagement photographs earlier in 2021. We got a lot of terrific shots of them, including one of Bryan proposing to Brittney on his knee in front of the fireplace at our Pavilion down next to Nims Lake. A few months later, about a month before her wedding, Brittney, her mom, relatives and friends came back to Nims Lake for her bridal photographs. We had a great time taking photographs, because the fall foliage was near peak color. She chose a full-length portrait of herself in front of white curtains inside the Atrium.

The wedding at Dixie Dreams was very unique. The venue is out in farm country. The owner of the land decided to build a wedding venue from the ground up and so it was very carefully designed (unlike many country wedding facilities created out of existing barns). There is a main house with the upstairs rooms for the bride and her bridesmaids. The main floor serves as the reception hall. There is a small country house a short distance away for the groom groom and his groomsmen. A large wedding area spreads out below the main house. We photographed from the upstairs balcony, the top of the stairs and down in the actual wedding space for a 3-tier coverage of the wedding. There is a wooded area behind the wedding venue for a totally natural look.

A big surprise came immediately after the “first kiss” when the folks at Dixie Dreams let loose with a flood of bubbles that looked like snowflakes to the delight of the newlyweds and audience. Afterwards there was the traditional meal, speeches, dancing, bridal bouquet and garter toss following by the newlyweds dancing around their guests waving sparklers.


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