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$300 for every 30 minutes.

In our studio, at Nims Lake or
your favorite location.

Many brides think that a few minutes on her wedding day is all that is needed to photograph her in that gorgeous wedding gown. It doesn't always work out that way. A sudden rain shower, the groom shows up early, your grandparent's flight is late, the florist hasn't shown up and you have to deal with all these emergencies. Suddenly all the time set aside for that beautiful photograph is gone.


Your bridal session comes with an online gallery with all your photographs. All images can be downloaded. They have been optimized for social media (you'll want to keep those photographs hidden until after the wedding!). Our Bridal Portraiture session includes a complimentary 11x14-inch print that you can display at your reception. We'll also show you some optional Guest Signature books for your guests to sign at your wedding reception.

Our Signature and Luxury Wedding Packages include a Bridal Portraiture session as part of the package. Please review our wedding packages for details. 


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