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President | Owner | Photographer

Tim Williams is a true craftsman.  He built his home with his bare hands, and he prides himself on hard work and quality.  When he moved away from construction he missed working with his hands and working for perfection, and he only rediscovered it again when he picked up a camera.  He takes his strong work ethic and pride in quality and infuses it into each assignment from start to finish.  
Tim loves people just as much, if not more than his strive for quality. He provides an experience unlike any other. He will communicate with you as long as it takes to get the ideas and plan together for your shoot or assignment whether you're booking him for weddings, portraits, commercial needs, or anything in between!

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Photographer | Workshop lead

Jake Williams has a passion for photography just like his father, Tim Williams, and his uncle, William Folsom.  Jake graduated with a degree in Sports Science and Physical Fitness from Coastal Carolina, and his perseverance within his discipline coupled with his creativity, intelligence, and dependability made him the perfect addition to the Williams Photography Team!

His work ethic matches that of his father, and his quiet, gentle nature allows him to photograph weddings and wildlife in an unobtrusive manner. 

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Photographer | Class Instructor

William Folsom has photography experience that is unmatched in Fort Mill, SC.  He has been a professional photographer for 35 years, and his images have appeared in many publications to include books, magazines, and guides.  One of his images was even featured on the cover of Time magazine.  
William was a diplomat for the United States, which gives him unique qualifications for communicating with and relating to a variety of different clients and cultures.




Michael Williams, son of Tim Williams, is a rugged outdoorsmen whose past times include hunting, fishing, and shooting.  Camouflage is a part of his every day attire.  He has skills in identifying animals and navigating terrain.  He knows the ins and outs of the rivers and forests in the greater Charlotte area, which makes him a perfect guide for photo expeditions in the local area!

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