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Rainy weather delayed pouring of the cement floor of the Atrium, but we expect the concrete to be poured during a period of sunny weather later this week. In the meantime, the slow and tedious process of building a fireplace has consumed a lot of Tim’s time.

He finally finished the chimney and he’ll start setting stone to the structure this week. He thinks he’ll have both the chimney and flooring fully finished by the weekend. We went to Lowes and purchased lights for the Atrium which will be installed in the next two weeks. Tim laid some conduits for the electrical wiring to go under the concrete so he’ll be ready to start work once the concrete has dried.

We’ll also start work on some small items, such as installing the hanging swings and adding some stonework to the outside of the building. I hope to have a final update in about two weeks if the weather cooperates.

Once finished The Atrium at Nims Lake will serve as a great facility for mini weddings that are popular now (no large crowds). We are hoping to link up with a catering business soon and are looking for wedding coordinators interested in finding a small, lake-side venue. If you know of anyone interested in becoming preferred vendors, have them get in touch with Tim (803-524-5466) in the coming weeks.


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