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Professional photographers have to make people relax and smile. A genuine smile: not the “say cheese” smile many people automatically give when being photograph. I’ve watched a lot of photographers struggle to break through that barrier. Some are better than others, but nobody does a better job than my nephew Tim Williams who is the CEO of Tim Williams Photography of Fort Mill. Tim is always relaxed and he enjoys kidding with clients until they start to laugh automatically. But sometimes he can really get clients laughing!

He demonstrated this talent a couple weeks back when we were photographing two girls for their graduation pictures. Both were already pretty relaxed after 5-10 minutes of photographing them individually. Towards the end of the session Tim was holding a large reflector while I was taking the photos of both girls together with a little sister.

Suddenly Tim pulled me aside and said “get ready for some action shots.” I boosted my shutter speed and waited. Tim suddenly started fanning the girls with the reflector.

The trio couldn’t control themselves laughing.

The odd thing is that Tim had never done this before. He simply comes up with new ways of engaging his clients every time we do a photo shoot.

There are a lot of people who claim to be good photographers, but there’s a lot more to photography than pointing a camera at your subject and clicking the shutter. Great photographers are a lot harder to find. They are the ones who can create special moments and capture those moments for generations to come.

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit on how to become a better photographer.


Williams Photography of Fort Mill, LLC. specializes in engagement, bridal and wedding photography as well as individual and family portraiture.

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