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THE “PAVILION AT NIMS LAKE.” Fort Mill, SC Wedding Venues and Photographers

The Williams family have started planning for their son’s Jake’s big wedding in November 2020. That includes holding the wedding rehearsal and dinner the night before the wedding. By an unusual coincidence, a storm recently uprooted the beautiful shade tree leaning out over the water of Nims Lake leaving a large empty space along the edge of the shoreline.

Tim and Lisa (the parents of the groom) came up with the idea of building a pavilion in the empty space where the tree used to stand. They designed it to hold the entire bridal party for the rehearsal and dinner afterwards.

Everyone in the family remembers when a hurricane dumped tons of rain on Tim and Lisa’s son’s (Michael & Paige) wedding five years earlier. The wind and rain brought down those heavy tents set up for the wedding and crews scrambled to re-assemble one tent while it was still raining on the morning of the wedding. Tim designed the pavilion to keep everyone dry in the event of rain; this new pavilion will withstand any storm nature sends our way and a cement floor will make sure there are no muddy areas to walk through.

Tim is a master craftsman and he set to work using his own design and tools to construct the building. He’s been hard at work for the last month building the structure.

It’s slowly coming together and should be just about fully completed by the end of July. All hand-built by Tim, his sons, and friends.

It’s a pretty amazing job.

The pavilion can be used for parties and other events for years to come. They’ll be lots of amenities, such as an outdoor grill, plenty of space for a buffet line, and capacity for 50 people. Plenty of room to celebrate. It will make Nims Lake even more popular for all kinds of events. We’ll be updating the work as it progresses.

Once life returns to normal we’ll have our gazebo,

the pavilion, cultivated gardens,

natural areas

and Nims Lake the centerpiece. We offer our visitors exclusive use of all this fabulous property for photography sessions. If you’d be interested in this one-of-a-kind facility five miles from the center of historic old Fort Mill, get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to show you around.


Tim Williams Photography of Fort Mill, South Carolina, LLC serves the area around Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC.

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