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The answer is “yes.” But before you plan on slashing your photography budget, think what is more important: a fancy wedding cake, flowers at every table, catered dining, an open bar, or photographs that you can share with your grand-daughter before her wedding. Those wedding pictures are the only things that will stand the test of time and that’s important.

Okay, here are some ways to reduce the cost of wedding photography:

First, the largest photography expense for any wedding is the time spent for the photographer(s). Consider reducing the hours of coverage. Many couples include two hours of dancing and fun after the bouquet toss. Nice, but costly.

Second, think about holding a “mock exit” shortly after the bouquet toss. That allow the photographers to capture your departure and is appreciated by older family members. You can then dismiss the photographers knowing that all the important events have been covered. It’s expensive to keep photographers capturing the dancing and other festivities that go on late into the night.

Third, formal photographs take a lot of time. Everyone wants their pictures taken with the newlyweds and this is not the time to offend anyone. Have a family member organize people into groups so they can be quickly photographed instead of having people out searching for someone taking a break with his buddies.

Fourth, think about combining people into large groups. Do you need photographs of you with each of your bridesmaids (5 bridesmaids’ photos), then your new husband with each bridesmaid (another 5 photos), then both of you with each bridesmaid (5 photos), you with each groomsman (5 photos), your husband with each groomsman (5 photos), and both of you with each groomsman (5 photos)? That would add up to 30 pictures or 30 minutes if you were really, really quick to pose! How about both of you (1) with all the bridesmaids (2) all the groomsmen, and (3) ending with both of you with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Three photographs!

Fifth, maybe you could have some small, intimate photographs of you and your mother, father, siblings and bridal party just after you get dressed. That can reduce a lot of the time that should be used to photograph the two of you after the formals!

Sixth, do you need a female photographer to photograph you and your bridesmaids getting ready? If not, we might be able to reduce the number of photographers needed at your wedding and pass the savings on to you.

Seventh, perhaps you don’t really want one of the items offered in the collection: sit down and discuss what we might be able to offer you in return for eliminating a complimentary incentive item. Just remember, the collections are designed to include items at very favorable prices and you might be eliminating something you might regret after the wedding. For example, three of our collections include a complimentary engagement photography session with a soft cover “sign-in book” that you can display at your reception. Those two incentives are worth $350! Think it over before you decide to eliminate some of our collection features.

Eighth, if you refer someone to us who will book an engagement session, a bridal portraiture, or a wedding, we will give you credits to apply towards your wedding.

Tim’s pretty relaxed and wants to make you feel comfortable knowing that your wedding will be a fun, exciting, joyous and perfectly photographed according to your budget and wishes.


Please understand that these cost-saving options must be identified and accepted before the wedding. Once the contract is signed, the terms are binding.

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