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We photograph a lot of families in our studio or down at Nims Lake. Everyone shows up dressed in new outfits. The men generally prefer blue jeans with camo or fishing shirts. The women go with pants or skirts with colorful tops. The kids? Generally anything their parents can get them to wear. If you include siblings, parents and grandparents, then you have a lot of different outfits. This is about family and not about clothing so everyone is happy.

“Wear a white top and blue jeans.” That was what the various family members were told to wear for their annual family photograph. That was all it took to create a cohesive family look no matter where they posed for their pictures.

We were pleasantly surprised last weekend when one family showed up with color-coordinated outfits that simply said: “we are a close-knit family!” The mom in this instance began with a simple white top with tan stripes across the front. She dressed her two daughters in a mixture of browns in a square pattern and ended up dressing her husband in a solid tan shirt. Everyone wore blue jeans. The results were a unique “family” look accomplished in one visit to a clothing department.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to create a special look for the whole family. It make everyone look special and results in a lot of great photographs.

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