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Most families will take lots of “selfies” using their cell phone during the holidays. Perfect. Everyone carries an iPhone and just about everybody knows how to use them. But maybe you’d like to take some really interesting and different images on Thanksgiving?

Start by taking some photos of the chefs in the kitchen preparing the meal. It should include mom fixing up her favorite apple pie, dad basting the turkey, your favorite aunt fixing her sweet potato pie and even the kids fixing up some mashed potatoes. Messy? Why not, this is a fun event. Next, capture the hugs and kisses of family members as they enter the house. Next, photograph the dining room table as it is being prepared with all the fancy china and silverware and keep snapping away until everything is ready for the feasting to begin. Keep shooting during the meal. There are lots of images waiting to be taken: folks with plates piled high, uncle Joe gnawing on a turkey leg or the kid’s faces covered with gravy. It’s all part of the fun. End up the meal with the table piled high with empty plates. Then switch over to the guys watching their favorite team playing football, the kids running around the house, and the ladies off to the side talking. You might want to end with the family washing up after everyone has gone home.Sure, take lots of “selfies” with all your favorite relatives, but weave them into the story about your family during the Thanksgiving holidays in a fun and interesting manner.

We wish you all a fun Thanksgiving Day and hope these hints will help you record a memorable day with all your family members.

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