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A lot of folks ask us if they should get all dressed up or dress casually for their photo session. Relaxed clothing is recommended for most people because that’s how they feel comfortable. Formal dress (ties, suits, etc.) is usually reserved for church, weddings, or other special occasions. If they want to try both ways of dressing, we have a changing room in our studio and in our bath house down by Nims Lake.

We’ll start off with formal dress to give you a chance to see how we work and then have you change into casual clothing to end the session. A 30-minute session is just about ideal for both the formal and informal sessions and our clients end up with a nice collection of both types of photography.

Our clients in this photo shoot arrived in nicely tailored clothing that resulted in some elegant photographs. We were so impressed that we encouraged them to considering investing in a large, museum-quality print for their living room. The Informals will be enjoyed as smaller prints.

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