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(A soft-cover book looks like a magazine, but includes both full-page as well as many small photographs. This is simply a great way to keep those engagement, bridal, or wedding memories alive for years to come.)

Preserving memories of your beautiful wedding for generations is always important to newlyweds. Those images of the two of you, your parents, grandparents, and all your friends and family members are priceless. Many couples who didn’t invest in prints, books, or albums now regret that they didn’t preserve those beautiful memories. They no longer can show their children or grandchildren family members who have since passed. A drawer full of faded pictures simply can’t capture the vibrancy of photographs designed to last a lifetime.

We have worked with a few companies that help us achieve our goals of good quality at affordable prices. Let’s show you some realistic ways to keep those memories alive for years to come.


Prints: One of the best ways to preserve those memories is to buy a few small prints (say 4x16 or 5x7) and keep them in a decorative protective box designed to keep them safe. Perhaps two, three, or four 8x10 prints displayed in a Japanese Silk or Luxe Linen folio album might be a good option. Buying an 11x14 print and displaying it in a beautiful frame next to several smaller prints over your sofa is an artful solution. We place all our client’s pictures in a private viewing gallery where they can print their favorite images with the company who prints our photographs. The company allows you to select the size of the image, the kind of paper you want to use (glossy, matte, metallic or canvas), and the number of prints. Your order will be mailed directly to your home.

(A protective wooden box with an engraving can protect many photographs of your wedding for generations.)

Soft-cover books: We offer our brides two small or one large soft-cover books. Both feature a custom photograph on the cover. Both come with 20 pages (expandable to 80 pages) printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Matte paper.The small soft-cover books make very unique gifts for the bride and groom’s parents, grandparents and members of the bridal party. Engaged couples love the larger soft-cover book as a guest “sign-in” book for their wedding day reception. We’ll design the book with plenty of space for guests to write their comments to the newlyweds. Bridal portraits can also be shown in a similar “sign-in” books for the reception: a terrific way to record the words of all those who attended your wedding. They are very affordable and make great gifts as well. We include a soft-cover book in all our engagement and bridal portraiture sessions. Our Heirloom, Signature, and Luxury wedding packages include these books!

(An awesome 20-page engagement, bridal, or wedding book with a protective box. The engagement and bridal books can be designed with blank pages for guests to sign-in at the reception providing the newlyweds with memories of their guests as well as their engagement or bridal photography session. Both the book and the box can be debossed with the newlywed’s name or special message.)

(Two soft-cover books on top of a hard-cover book. A great way for cost-conscious brides to display 20 pages of their wedding.)

Hard-cover books: These books come in four sizes each with 40 pages (expandable to 200 pages) and are printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell or Smooth Matte paper. The covers are either Japanese Silk or Luxe Linen in an array of bright colors. The cover of the Luxe Linen can be debossed1 with your names and the date of your wedding. Our Signature Collection wedding package includes a hard-cover book. The hard-cover book is an excellent option that is not as expensive as a wedding album. The hard-cover book is a really wonderful way of keeping memories of the wedding day alive for years to come at a cost below a comparable album.

(A three-page folio holding 8x10 inch prints of the wedding. The folio closes to protect the pictures when not displayed.)


One way to set your wedding apart is to deboss1 your name into the cover of the book or protective box. Foil debossing is available exclusively for Luxe Linen covers and include using gold, rose gold, or silver foil. A truly elegant touch, but it does add a little to the cost of your selection.

These are really affordable options for those on a tight budget. Remember, after the wedding is over, your pictures are the only things left to preserve those precious memories. We’d love to sit down with you and show you all our options.

1Debossing means to stamp a design into the surface of an object. Embossing means to carve, mold, or stamp a design on a surface so it stands out in relief above the surface of the object.

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