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A short drive south of Charleston, SC is the Edisto River estuary. Edisto Island is linked to the mainland via a short causeway. The island is lined by attractive beach homes on both sides of the island facing the ocean or the South Fork of the Edisto River. The island offers visitors a lot of fun activities, but going to the beach is probably the number one attraction. You get to tan in the sun, walk along the beach, play in the surf, try your hand at fishing for ocean fish, flying kites or playing ball or watching the pelicans flying overhead, and even sitting out on the beach at night watching the stars. There are plenty of restaurants serving local specialties, ice cream parlors and pizza places along with a number of shops offering lots of things to buy. Drive back to the mainland and you’ll find Botany Bay with acres of marshlands with aquatic birds and fields that attract deer and wild turkey. A fun drive through winding roads where you’ll find a variety of historical stops as well. One of the adventures our family enjoyed was fishing in the backwaters of the Edisto River and then fishing out in the coastal waters of the Edisto River. Plenty of fun catching small croakers and whiting and a few small sharks, but all the larger fish managed to elude us. There’s always next year when we probably will try and hire a guide who knows the best spots. We did, however, watch pelicans diving into the water and coming back up with tasty morsels to swallow: pelicans. This species has recovered from environmental contamination that nearly decimated pelicans in the 1950-60s. They are all over the place and a treat to watch as they fly over houses along the beach. We are already making plans to return to Edisto Island in 2020.

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