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Ten Tips to Prepare for Your Bridal Session

Here are 10 tips that will help you to have fun at your bridal session and come away with a lot of really awesome photographs of you in your beautiful wedding gown.

1.Start by reviewing some pictures of brides that you like. Your photographer will attempt to capture each one.

2.There are no “right or wrong” bridal poses. You just keep moving almost as if you are dancing. Smile. Turn front to back. Look up or down. Your photographer will take lots of pictures. Some will be discards, many will be great, and a few will be awesome.

3.Expect to be nervous. That’s normal. After the first few pictures you should begin to relax. Once you loosen up and begin to have fun, you’ll get much better photographs.

4.Plan on putting on your makeup and having your hair fixed upon arrival (yes, sometimes that doesn’t work, but give it a try).

5.Don’t stay up the night before worrying. Just relax and get a good night’s sleep so you look refreshed. Bring along some Visine in case your eyes are red.

6.Bring your mom or a close friend along. There are LOTS of buttons or laces that need to be fixed on the back of your gown.

7.Have your makeup artist apply powder to your face, neck, front, back, arms and hands. The camera will pick up color differences and you need to look uniform.

8.Don’t go to a tanning booth just before your shoot; some people will photograph with an orange cast.

9.Bright studio lights, or outdoor sun on your face, might cause you to blink or squint. If that happens simply close your eyes and have your photographer count to three and then open your eyes. That should take care of the problem.

10.Turn slightly to the right or left of the camera while leaning forward in the direction of the camera. Your photographer should be able to give you tips on how to pose in a flattering manner.

Enjoy your adventure.





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