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How to Take Good Honeymoon Pictures

The perfect time for the two of you to be totally alone and in love. Well, until breakfast the next morning. Then you just can’t wait to capture images of the two of you on your honeymoon! Here are a couple of pointers that might help you create exciting memories of this awesome time in your life.

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Nothing beats your phone for capturing the two of you at the side of the pool enjoying a frosty Pina Colada. Just aim and shoot. All your friends instantly get a chance to enjoy the pictures.

After a while, perhaps it’s time to shake things up. Ask one of the other newlyweds at your resort to take pictures of you from a different vantage point and agree to take their pictures in return. Have them take pictures of you two jumping into the pool! What about racing into the surf? Water skiing or dancing that evening. You exchange iPhones with your new friends and you both capture the fun of the vacation.

Some of you were lucky to get a new digital camera as a wedding gift. Pulling a digital camera out of the box for the first time can prove confusing with all those knobs and dials. Don’t wait until you are at your honeymoon resort to figure out how everything works. Read the manual on the flight down to your resort. A summary of all the key instructions and illustrations should be in the first ten to twenty pages. That’ll get you started. After you get to your room, start recharging the battery. It will be ready the next morning. Leave everything on “automatic” and let the camera do all the work for the first day or two. You should get some awesome images from the jump down!

The digital camera you received as a wedding present might come with one or two kit lenses… typically a wide angle and zoom telephoto. The wide angle will give you a sweeping view of the entire beach while the zoom telephoto will let you photograph a green macaw preening his feathers at the top of a nearby palm tree. How great is that!

After a day or two, take out the manual again and look for the circular dial on the top of the camera. It comes from the factory set to “P” or Program Mode (possibly a little green camera). That selection lets the camera do everything automatically: a great setting for beginners. There are other settings around the edge of that circle. Try turning the dial to different selections. Some symbols2 might include: “landscape (a mountain), close-up (a flower), action shots (a running man), portraits (a lady in a hat or a baby), and night shots (a person with a star or a landscape with the moon). Each one allows you to assist the camera in taking a better picture. For example, if you select the “action” figure it will give you better results of you jumping into the water than a landscape setting. Sometimes the results are better than the “P” or Program Mode. Take a look! If you don’t like the results you can always turn the setting back to Program Mode.

Some posing tips: Don’t stand directly facing the camera while both “say cheese.” Turn your body slightly sideways and just have a natural smile. Ladies, place your hands on your hips for a more feminine pose. It’s a vacation, so try some silly poses. Check out the LCD for the results and try different things so you’ll have plenty to take home.

After a fun day in the surf and sun, think about taking a few photographs of your hotel, the beach, or city lights using the “night” setting). That tells the camera that you are taking a picture at night and not to try and adjust your exposure settings back to daylight. Place the camera on a flat surface and gently press the shutter. Might capture some fun shots of the beach at night. The camera will also add flash to a picture of your new wife in the dark using the “night portrait” symbol.

Digital cameras offer a lot of versatility to your photography. Keep taking pictures. Check them out on the back of the camera’s LCD screen. Happy? Just keep shooting. Feeling adventurous try some of those dial settings we mentioned earlier. Need some quick and easy instruction? Go on YouTube and type in the name and model of your camera and you’ll have plenty of instruction.

Couple of words of advice: cameras don’t like salt water or beach sand! Protect the camera in a towel and clean them off with a damp facecloth or towel. Don’t get your fingerprints on the lens (it blurs pictures). Put freshly recharged batteries in the camera every morning. The lens might fog up if you go from a airconditioned room out to a hot beach. Give it time to adjust.


1Beware of locals who offer to take your picture when you walk into town. As soon as you hand over your iPhone or camera they dash off leaving you empty-handed. A pretty common con in many countries.

2 Different camera manufacturers will use different symbols. The first few pages of the manual should give you a quick summary of the symbols and what they do.

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