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First, carefully research the web for the wedding photographer that best meets your style of photography. Casual or formal? It’s important to decide very early in your search. Are the prospective photographers just starting out or do they have a lot of experience? Can you see samples of their work? What will you receive after the wedding: a thumb drive with thousands of unedited images or a private viewing gallery for all your friends and family to see? Does your photographer offer additional services, such as delivering museum quality prints or stunning wedding albums created to last a lifetime? Will your potential photographer work within your budget? Finally, do you really enjoy the relationship between you and your photographer?


Second, consider booking your photographer for both your engagement session and your bridal portraiture session. Why? Almost everyone is a bit stiff when faced by a professional photographer. By the end of engagement session both you and your fiancé should be completely comfortable in front of the camera. Afterwards are you happy with the images? You might use some of those engagement pictures in a Signature Book at the reception venue. Book your photographer for your bridal session as well. Why? a wedding photographer will show you how to pose that will make you look gorgeous. Yes, they know all the tricks that will make you look like a real princess. Gives you plenty of time to practice until it becomes natural long before the wedding.


Third, create a realistic timeline for your wedding and photographs. It’s simply amazing how a list of “must have” photographs of your family and friends can grow. All your quests want to be photographed with the bride and groom. The hour you set aside for formal photographed after the wedding quickly evaporates. You simply can’t assemble, gently (but firmly) and pose 10 to 30 family members in a couple minutes. It takes time to make assemble everyone make sure all are looking at the camera. You must also allocate sufficient time for you and your spouse to be photographed...that’s one of the most important part of your wedding day.


Fourth, identify a member of your family who can work with the photographers. Someone who can bring your wedding rings out to be photographed and returned them safely to your care. Someone who can give the photographer a “heads-up” when you are about to cut your wedding cake. The person who can deal with a guest who wants us to photograph his family instead of focusing on you. A small thing, but important to better wedding photography.


Fifth, just relax. If you’ve followed these steps and if you’ve established a bond with your photographer you’ll be able enjoy your wedding day. Your photographer will take those beautiful pictures you’ve planned for. You’ll also feel confident that you’ll receive gorgeous images that will delight all your family and friends when you come home from your honeymoon.

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