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Lauren + Josh's Hand-Made Linen Wedding Album

Lauren and Josh had a gorgeous wedding in Lake Wylie, SC, and we were honored to be chosen as second shooters for Jennifer Brecheisen Photography.

We partnered with her to make this gorgeous album from RedTree Albums as a studio sample album. It features Luxe Linen that was hand-woven in Italy. With Red Tree we can offer Leather, Luxe Leather, and Japanese silk as well. We are so proud to be partnered with a company that values fine art and prints-we can now offer Fine Art albums that feature Hahnemule Paper! Hahnemule is the oldest printing company, founded in the 1500s, in Germany. They have the finest photographic paper of any company.

We have many sizes we offer as well from 8x8 - 12x12 inches.

We would LOVE to tell your story from start to finish by photographing your wedding and designing your album. Call or email us today to start the conversation! or 8035245466.

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