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Family weddings in small Baptist churches are typical in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Parents and children are often times personally known by their preacher. It is not uncommon for the families of the bride and groom to belong to the same congregation and to have gone to school together. The Bride and Groom meet in church and fall in love with God and each other! The result is a very intimate and beautiful Christian ceremony. Many times the preacher will choose a deeper text from the Bible (atypical for a wedding), such as John 1-14 rather than the normal Corinthians and Ephesians texts to illustrate God's love and the example husbands and wives are to look up to. These small baptist ceremonies are typically a little longer than the normal Christian ceremonies, and many times they include the lighting of unity candles, the pouring of sand, or even the building of crosses.

Afterwards the newlyweds head off for their reception in the church’s recreation room, decorated in a southern chic fashion by the bride and her family and friends the night before. You can expect plenty of southern delicacies such as fried chicken, barbequed spareribs, potato salad, cheese biscuits, multiple desserts in addition to the wedding cake, and lots of that wonderful, southern, sweet iced tea prepared by the ladies of both families. Dancing to soulful country and Bluegrass music will always add a festive touch to the occasion. Maybe some old timers will break out their banjoes and fiddles. Don’t be surprised to see the bride dancing in cowboy boots and expect a lot of warm hugs! The bride and groom are very likely to leave in a pickup truck tastefully decorated by their friends.


Yes, Southern Wedding are a wonderful gathering of friends and relatives warmly welcoming a new family into their circle.

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